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Did you ever wonder - Conservative Perverts

Mar. 16th, 2008

07:28 pm - Did you ever wonder

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Did you ever wonder how it is that Conservative pundits get away with saying all those outrageous things? Well here's how.

They don't.


Glen Beck here follows the Genesis step by step how his joking comment to John Hagee about the nutjobs who write him e-mails about Obama being the Antichrist somehow got transformed into HIM seriously making the accusation himself, and how Liberal Bloggers funnel the story into the Mainstream Media, and eventually the New York Times. And along the way we can see how Keith Olbermann rightfully earned the sobriquet "Olberdouche".

Other items of note: The outright lies about what else Beck said during the interview, and the deletion of the response Hagee gives to the question.

And people wonder why the Mainstream media is hemorrhaging money and viewers/subscribers.

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