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Conservative Perverts

A safe space for right-minded BDSMers

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Are you Into BDSM, but you've gotten sick of holding your tongue because of the viscious level of Liberal Political Correctness in the BDSM community? Maybe you're a Christian, and you're sick of how your religion is always bashed by other BDSMers - where it seems that religion is only tolerated if it's Wiccan, Pagan, or some other form of "Goddess" worship?

Maybe it's simply the fact that you don't think that one's politics are necessarily dictated by one's sexuality, that just because you have a thing for bondage, you must adopt the entire Democratic Party Platform.

You are not alone. Here's a Refuge for you.

This is NOT a political debate forum, it's a place for support and community for those whose politics are not tolerated by a community that prides itself on its tolerance. Here you can say, "Hi, My name is Mauser, and I'm a Het, male Top, and I voted for Bush, and nobody's going to make me feel bad about it." (Well *I* can say this. Think of your own introduction.)

Leftist troublemakers who come here to debate will be banned. If you're so hot about creating "Safe Spaces" for "Womyn" et. al, then you'd better respect this space for conservatives.

(And yes, Log Cabin Republicans ae welcome too).